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I dry heaved the first time I had to do a cold call. Professional networking events completely freaked me out. And approaching women? Hell, it was hard enough to get myself out of the house.


Growing up, I was the definition of unpopular. The boys beat me up, well into high school. The girls laughed at me, teased me, and messed with me.

My dad hated seeing me go through this, for sure… but he had a messed up childhood of his own, and didn’t really know how to communicate with me.

I still remember sitting by myself in the cafeteria during lunch, burning with embarrassment, and eating as fast as I could to escape the stares and taunts.

So I Developed A Bad Case of Social Anxiety.


I stayed in weekends, played guitar and video games, and shut myself off from the world.

I didn’t understand how other people made friends so easily, because I just didn’t “fit in.” And I hated getting rejected… it reminded me of what a loser I was.

I knew I was missing out on the best that life had to offer.

But when I hit my twenties and tried to start a business, I had to stop making excuses.

And of course, I didn’t want to be alone forever. I knew that if I wanted a girlfriend, I’d have to… you know… talk to some girls.

Just A Few Years Later… I’d Raised Millions From Investors, And My Girlfriend Was One Of New York’s Top Models

So what changed? How did I overcome my social anxiety and become able to talk to anyone?

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Well, I went to a few psychologists, but all we did was talk about my feelings and childhood.

That didn’t help much, to be honest.

Then one day, at a venture capital conference, I saw a guy who had it.

He radiated charisma. He was alpha for sure, but not like… some dominant jerk.

I Cornered Him After My Speech, And Bared My Soul

“I’m terrified of talking to people. I’m terrified to even be here and telling this to you. I try my best to act confident, but I think people see through me. And my social anxiety is holding me back from everything I want in life. You make it look so easy to talk to people. Will you help me?”

He look at me with the kindest eyes, and considered his words.

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“I’ve never thought about what I “do” when I’m talking to people… it always came naturally. But…you seem like an honest kid, so tell you what: if you can stay a few feet back and don’t get in the way, you’re welcome to follow me around today, and watch me talk to people. Maybe you’d pick up a few ideas. Would you like that?”


I was speechless...

And that day was the start of a years-long friendship. He became my counselor and mentor. The big brother I’d never had.

It wasn’t long before I was cold calling investors and sales prospects with easy confidence. I raised millions of dollars for my business, and it was eventually sold to another company in Silicon Valley.

I then went on to start several other businesses, and while there were some ups and downs, I was a multimillionaire by the age of 32.

And none of it would have been possible if I’d stayed in my shell.

I also started having a lot of fun with women. I had some great relationships in Michigan, then I moved to New York and dated a few models, including a girl who’s been on the cover of countless magazines.

Last year, I got married to a Brazilian model-turned-entrepreneur, who’s even a better woman than she is beautiful.


In fact, my mentor saw my wedding photos on Facebook. We’d fallen out of touch, but he sent me the nicest email…

He congratulated me for all the success, wished me lots of love, then said…

“It’s Time To Help Other Men Overcome Their Shyness… It’s Time To Share The Five Techniques

I learned a LOT from my mentor, but there we five “core” techniques I saw him use again and again. I’m excited to share them with you.

  1. Technique 1 is called “Friend Signals.” You’ll use this to disarm people, and make a great first impression. Of course, I use Friend Signals professionally, socially, and with women. But you can also use them to get upgrades on airplanes and at hotels. They’re the closest thing to a magic button that makes people like you.
  2. Technique 2 is called “Labels.” It took me months of watching my mentor to figure this one out, because it’s SO under-the-radar… but I knew he was doing something, because people would start going out of their way to try to impress him when he did it. When I “cracked the code” to Labels, people started treating me with way more respect.
  3. Technique 3 is called the “The Mirror.” I used to think that being popular meant talking a lot, but for my mentor it was the opposite: he would use this technique, and people would just keep the conversation going for him, literally talking themselves into liking him. This one is great for introverts like me.
  4. Technique 4 is called the “Affirmation.” My mentor was a MASTER at making people feel rewarded for talking to him. This is why everyone treated him like an alpha, and why people wanted to prove themselves to him. The Affirmation is how he did it.
  5. And Technique 5 is called “OEQ.” If you’ve ever had a conversation deflate like a popped balloon, you’ll love the OEQ. It makes it so easy to keep conversations going. And it gave me tremendous confidence to approach anyone and know that they would enjoy talking to me.

These Techniques Make It Easy To Talk To Anyone… And They Changed My Life

I’ve assembled these five techniques into a course called Talk To Anyone: Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety.

And I want to send you these life-changing techniques over the next five days, in your email.

One thing though: you can probably tell I’m not all about the “flash.”

I’m actually a pretty private guy. I don’t stage photoshoots of myself with a bunch of women and Lamborghinis because, well… that’s not real. If you see a photo of me, it’s straight from my life.


I’m an introvert, and that hasn’t changed since I learned these techniques. So I’m fine if someone else wants to hog the spotlight.

But it’s important that I share this information with other men who could use it.

These are the techniques I used to overcome my social anxiety

They’re the techniques that gave me the power to talk to anyone, and gain access to all the best things that life has to offer.

So it’s my honor to share them with you. You’ll get the first one delivered to your inbox right now.


No spam, no funny business… just good stuff for good men, who want a good life. If that’s you, then let’s get going.

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Not being overly dramatic here but I want to thank you for saving my life pretty much. I was in a very dark place and was in denial about who I was and what I stood for. It wasnt until I came across your content that I realised what I was missing out on (life). I know I am not where I want to be but I know from the knowledge I am gaining your content and applying this into my everyday life I know that I will be able to make a difference in my life and those close to me. If I hadnt found The Social Man & Christian then I shudder to think where I would be. So just thank you.


Right now I'm in my most fulfilling and stimulating relationship, for over half a year. My girlfriend LOVES me and I LOVE her. We understand and respect ourselves and each other, and I’ve never had this kind of intimacy before.

I owe all my success in relationships and life to you, Christian because YOU were the guy who OPENED my eyes and showed me the DOOR to all the guys I learned from afterwards and a movement of men aiming to grow themselves and to love and feel loved in a healthy way, and finally feeling the love they deserve.


Keep it up. I've already come farther in my life during the last six or seven months I've been a part of The Social Man than I think I did during the first 24 years of my life. I'm happier, more driven, I’m achieving my goals now, and The Social Man has been a HUGE part of getting me here. I still have a long way to go, and I'm gonna be relying on you guys to support me and keep me focused. Thank you.